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Peace of Mind – Lighting provides an essential level of production for residential and commercial buildings alike. Knock Out Electric LLC has been installing motion lights since 1999, helping homeowners and businesses protect property and provide a safe atmosphere inside and out. Experienced staff ensure the lighting offers adequate coverage and is installed according to local building codes. Working with professionals for your lighting needs delivers optimum benefits and improved peace of mind.


Top Quality Brands – The lighting industry offers a broad range of products in varying levels of quality. Knock Out Electric LLC works with the leading brands and manufacturers, offering their clients excellent lighting products. For initial installation or lighting repairs and maintenance, Knock Out Electric LLC partners with the best in the business to provde local homeowners and business owners with top notch service materials. Knock Out Electric LLC can install quality lighting in a variety of designs, including:


​Motion Lights

Pole Lighting

Parking Lots

Landscape Lighting and Pathway Lights

Flood Lights

Emergency Lights

Exit Lighting

Fluorescent Lights

Competitive Prices – Upgrading or maintaining the lighting on your property can become costly. Knock Out Electric KKC offers quality products at competitive prices, whether you need a single fixture or an entire system. Ensure your home or commercial building is well lit at any time of the day with the help of Knock Out Electric LLC.  Lighting and safety are essential to every property. For peace of mind and quality lighting products at competitive prices, call Knock Out Electric LLC. Call (504) 300-3195 today to arrange for a free quote on your lighting project.